Welcome to First Strings. My name is Johanna, and I am a Guitar Teacher in Glasgow who specialises in teaching children. My lessons are designed specially for kids aged 5 – 12, and my aim is to make your child’s first experience of music positive, encouraging, and, above all, lots of fun! Contact me today to enquire about guitar lessons for your son or daughter and come along for a trial lesson free of charge. Click the button below now:

Here are just some of the benefits of guitar lessons:

Learning guitar builds confidence

One of the most rewarding results of guitar lessons is the feeling of confidence children develop as they learn something new, whether its mastering a new chord or learning how to play their favourite song. Knowing they can do something that others can’t gives them a lot of confidence, and this can often be transferred to other aspects of life such as attempting challenging school work or dealing with new social situations.


Making new friends and developing social skills

Children who attend guitar lessons with other children have an opportunity to spend time with children of a similar age who share their interest in music. They may develop new friendships with children they wouldn’t have met otherwise and will also develop their social skills during lessons by interacting with their teacher and the others in their group.


Improve learning ability & self-discipline

Learning the guitar involves mastering new skills, memorising new pieces of information, and dedicating time each week to practicing what has been covered in lessons. Practicing regularly develops children’s self-discipline, and they will soon see the results of their practice when they are able to play something that they thought was quite difficult to begin with!


… Most importantly, learning the guitar is fun!

The guitar is a fantastic instrument, and learning how to play it in a fun environment with the right teacher ensures kids stay interested and motivated to keep learning more. The skills they learn during lessons will enable them to progress further in the future with guitar, or any other instruments they might be interested in.